Travelogue: Summer 2015

1:「空」元離宮二条城 NIJO CASTLE夢咖啡 UMEJI CAFÉSpace is a state of mind. It can be unimaginably vast.

2:「巣」KYOTO INTERNATIONAL MANGA MUSEUMWe often feel safe with something larger than us, like a nest. We call it our sanctuary.



伏見稲荷大社 FUSHIMI INARI TAISHA Time freezes as we hear the cicadas sing.


4:「笑」 travelogue201508_japan7-4Greeting from delightful things is always a bliss.


5:「再」哲学の道 PHILOSOPHER'S WALKtravelogue201508_japan3-3And so, in our selected play mode, life goes on.


Pictures were shot using Sony NEX-3N and iPhone 5.
August 11-20, 2015