Interactive Narratives
Misoso <me-saw-saw> are the “once upon a time” tales from Africa. The word Misoso, which comes from the Mbundu <m-boon-doo> tribe of Angola, describes stories told mostly for entertainment. Misosoland explores these interesting stories by bringing them into an interactive digital space.

Among the exciting tales are ‘Toad’s Trick’, ‘The Dove And The Hen’ (below), ‘The Sloogey Dog And The Stolen Aroma’, ‘Goso The Teacher’, ‘Kindai And The Ape’ & ‘Hapendeki And Binti The Bibi’.Misosoland_iMacMisosoland_storyboard1 Misosoland_sketch1b
Project for
: BA(Hons) Graphic Design
Date: February 24, 2001
School: The Nottingham Trent University