Memoirs of a Minke Whale

The Background
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society had a booth at the Asian Dive Expo and wanted a poster that would draw attention to the inhumane practice of grenade harpooning as practiced on minke whales by Japanese whalers.

The Design Challenge
The poster holds a 450-word story told from the point of view of a whale. The design had to direct the reader’s eye to the story flow and at the same time communicate the goriness of the killing practice. The entire copy was hand lettered. The illustration uses a flat 2D minimalist illustration style that graphically compliments the whale’s tale.


AD STAR 2013
Silver (Outdoor Craft > Copywriting)
Bronze (Print Craft > Copywriting)
Finalist (Outdoor Craft > Illustration)

Client: Sea Shepherd
Date: July 31, 2013
Creative Team: Ronald Ng, Ravi Eshwar, Lee LengHuat, Oguzcan Kaganoguzbeyoglu, Anne Lee @BBDO Proximity